Why do I not have to register my CV with you like other agencies?

As a personalized agency we like to get to know you. Once you have sent your CV to us via email, one of our consultants will contact you to set up an interview. After your interview, the consultant will register your CV. This allows us to ensure that your CV will be identified for the right job fit for you and your skills. This is our commitment to providing value added services to customers including attitude, knowledge, and quality of service in a timely and efficient manner.

I would like to relocate to the Garden Route?

The Garden Route is a beautiful area however it does have its own set of challenges, from limited careers and salary expectations. If you are planning to relocate, please ensure that you do a thorough investigation – What is the industry “norm” in a city is not necessary an industry “norm” for a smaller town - Call us to discuss this further.

Why do I have to submit a detailed CV?

In order for us to ascertain your full set of skills it is imperative that your CV is detailed from your 1st  year of working. Information such as starting and ending dates of your jobs, reasons for leaving, and 6 – 7 duties as well as all the Courses, Diploma’s / certificates all add value to your CV. This also allows us to assess your CV for a variety of vacancies on our books.

Ensure you have the right skills for the vacancy advertised?

In order to not be disappointed by the recruitment process it is important that you take time to look at the advert for a vacancy and tick off the skills you have – to simply take a chance and submit your CV for a vacancy you are not suited for does not add value to you. We understand that Job searching is challenging and difficult, but you will be more successful in applying for positions that you have the right skill sets.

Who are our clients?

We work with corporate, medium & small business in all sectors. We take pride in getting to know and understand our client’s needs and requirements as well as their limitations. We are constantly working to develop long term relations with our clients by recruiting right!

Frequently asked questions

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